About Us

Since 2002 Crystal House Renovation aims to be one stop solution for all interior and exterior renovation work in Penang. For over 18 years of experience in the construction field, our skill craftmanship and customer-oriented services have earned a lot compliments from our clients. Our construction work that is reasonable price is also one of the main reasons our clients refer us to their friends. We pride ourselves on our professionalism in creating the state-of-art home interior and exterior design,displaying a sense of comtemporary design with limitless possibilities. Let Crystal House Renovation build your dream house.

自2002年起,Crystal House Renovation的使命就是提供最全方位的家居室内和室外装横服务。拥有超过18年的装修工程经验,我们始终保持着以客为先的服务态度,以细心,关心和了解客户的需求再以具有现代感的装修设计来赢得客户们的信任。我们提供免费上门估价,公道的收费誓必让您感到满意。付出同样的价格但得到高品质的作品。我们对于家居装潢的艺术感满着热情与骄傲,创造出无限具有时尚风格的室内设计。让我们营造的梦想家园吧.